Akaplast, in top form. Since it was established in 1999, Akaplast has grown into one of the most renowned vacuumforming specialists in the Benelux region. Client-orientation and healthy entrepreneurship are the cornerstones of our dynamic company. Akaplast utilises state-of-the-art machinery to mould and finish the products. With our high-tech machinery, experienced employees and our pragmatic and flexible approach, we can rapidly fulfil the most wide-ranging wishes our clients might have - irrespective of the industry - at a very favourable price and constant high quality.

Akaplast warms up to every shape. Vacuumforming technology can be applied to a wide range of fields, the malleability of thermoplastic materials offers countless opportunities when it comes to product-design. Thanks to the relatively low mould costs, vacuumforming technology is an attractive option for both small as well as large series of products, ranging in size from miniature to very large. The wide range of thermoplastic materials on offer means that it is possible to employ vacuumforming for almost any application imaginable.

Akaplast attracts market leaders in every sector. Thanks to the wide-ranging possibilities of thermoplastics, our reasonable prices, short delivery times and Akaplasts guaranteed quality, renowned companies in the automotive, machinery, lighting and advertising, shipping, agricultural and many other sectors are all opting for Akaplast.

Suitable form
Akaplast is happy to see your ideas take form, and you are welcome to find out more about both us and the uses of vacuumformed thermoplastics in your industry. Based on years of experience in vacuumforming, our own mould construction and high-quality finishes, Akaplast is also top of the form when it comes to you!

Vacuumforming technology can be applied to a very diverse range of fields. As a result, Akaplast is refreshingly multifaceted and always in shape.